Our company offers special conditions for cooperation to corporate clients for a range of services in the field of advertising:

  • Special prices for certain types of services that are performed regularly throughout the year
  • Development of an integrated budget for the promotion of goods, services, brands, etc.
  • Manufacturing and delivery of various advertising and souvenir and gift products, souvenir provision of promotional actions.
  • A full package of services for the organization, provision and conduct of business events (conferences, seminars, etc.).
  • Development of advertising company strategy.
  • Development of the corporate style of the Company.
  • Creative development of conceptual advertising ideas.
  • The whole complex of design services for the production of representative and promotional products (booklets, folders, exhibition stands).
  • Manufacturing of polygraphic and accompanying advertising-souvenir production.
  • Presentation on CDs
  • Storage of electronic versions of layouts.

The process of developing, arranging and placing an order for souvenirs and gifts should take place in advance and be consistent with the schedule of events for which they are intended.