Stores that Sell Kickstarter Products in Singapore

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Most of the campaigns on the Kickstarter Singapore store are from startups. Unfortunately, more than 70% of startups fail due to lack of market support. A significant number of shoppers tend to prefer products they have used before or those in the market for a long time. This forces startups to
use lower pricing as a marketing tool, but this doesn’t usually work since some consumers associate a lower price with poor quality. 
The statistics of Kickstarter campaigns show that at least 37.4% receive the backing and funds needed, with a failure rate of approximately 9%. About 62.6% of the campaigns are unsuccessful. Stores that exclusively sell Kickstarter products have been critical for Kickstarter campaigns. This
provides a platform for product promotion, which increases the likelihood of success.

The Novus Lab

The Novus Lab is one of the online stores that sell Kickstarter products. It has the edge over other stores because it offers discounted rates to encourage sales. This helps to increase the likelihood of
success for businesses that have successfully launched Kickstarter campaigns. The Novus Lab offers more than discounts for buyers supporting startups. It offers 24hr online support, 14 days free return policy, and free delivery for orders worth more than $50. The Novus Lab also offers various products, including for corporate events, travel, lifestyle, and a list of some of the best-selling products.

The Novus Lab works directly with the various brands trying to find a place in the market as a Kickstarter Singapore store. So, while this store supports Kickstarter campaigns and offers a venue for marketing new products, its decisions are not entirely influenced by Kickstarter campaigns, but its viability.

We The People

This retail store only sells Kickstarter products. It offers an avenue for those who cannot keep up with the large number of campaigns on Kickstarter. Keeping track of the progress made by product developers can be tough, especially if there are challenges with production, which result in delays.
We The People always maintains a list of new products and those that are expected in the market soon. We The People vets all the Kickstarter products before accepting to sell them on behalf of the
different brands. Selling poor quality products reflects negatively on the store. This is why testing is a critical process before products are accepted for sale in the We The People retail stores. It is vital to note that even though this retail outlet sells Kickstarter products only, it only takes on those items that have drawn consumers’ interest. In order to offer great prices, this store purchases all the products in bulk. This makes it possible for the store to pass on the cost benefits to customers.

Interstellar Goods

Interstellar Goods is an online store that doesn’t just sell Kickstarter products from Singaporeans who have successfully launched their campaigns, but products from other Kickstarter stores from
around the world. This offers Singaporeans access to some of the greatest Kickstarter innovations across the globe. Additionally, Interstellar Goods gives a background of the products and ensures potential buyers
get to see what those who have invested in the product think about them. Interstellar only selects quality products that have great reviews to sell in its store. This way, clients only buy the best products in the market, and at the same time, support businesses that eventually become brands.
Before putting up any of the products on the site, Interstellar tests the product to confirm the authenticity of the reviews, and the products that are deemed successful are then displayed in the store. However, before then, Interstellar reaches out to the product manufacturers for incentives,
such as a longer warranty.

Interstellar Goods also gives detailed descriptions of the product to ensure potential buyers know exactly what they are investing in and what they should expect. Buyers can also opt to visit the Interstellar Goods offices to view the product they are interested in before paying for it.

Benefits of Shopping on Online Kickstarter Stores

Getting products is now easier for campaign backers and other buyers. The fact that these stores sell products from successful Kickstarter campaigns means those with successful business ventures get to concentrate on production, which can sometimes be a problem for many campaigns. These
stores are a lifeline for consumers and business ventures that need all the support they can get for their projects to succeed.