Unique Features of Latex Pillows

Latex pillows are considered best for keeping stable posture and enjoying good sleep. It is possible because the pillows offer hypoallergenic feature and is close to nature. It is also perfect for people with asthmatic and respiratory issues. The article list down some unique features of latex pillows available in the Singapore market.

Some salient of Latex are:

  • The Latex pillows are soft, comfortable and adaptable as per the requirements of the customer. They offer maximum support to different body parts, i.e., neck, shoulders and head. These types are also considered good for relieving back and joint pains.
  • The Vanguard type of the Latex pillows are especially designed for comfortable sleep. It is perfect example of ergonomics and relief cervical pain.
  • The cervical position of the latex pillow offers dual benefits, first it provides ergonomics support to the back and cervical part, secondly it also allows one to rest while keeping the pillow in lateral side.
  • The latex pillows are hypoallergenic in nature which allows fresh breath with fresh feelings. The holes are longitudinal which relaxes and gives soft feeling while sleep
  • Some the latex pillow is curved in shape, which reliefs the pain in the neck, spine and the surrounding areas.
  • One form of latex pillow is adjustable which quickly returns to its original shape after usage. Such pillows are excellent support system for the entire body.
  • The polyester made padding of the pillows are washable even in the automatic washing machine at the temperature of 60 degrees. Even any fear of termites and of foam becoming allergenic is removed.
  • If you become addicted to the pillow and can’t afford to leave it at home in case of any vacation trip, then you can very well take this pillow along with you by folding it in the suitcase or even in your pocket.

Range of Natural Latex Pillows:

The natural latex pillows come in a variety of velvet touch providing maximum support which helps in comfortable sleep. The pillows are made especially from the rubber tree taken from the Brazil, thus these pillows are perfect for relieving body pains.

The natural version of Latex is adaptable as per the comfort of most people and is acceptable to many all across the globe. The form is durable and can easily be deformed as per the requirements of every individual.

The inner channel of the pillows is full of holes which allows easy ventilation and keeps moisture at bay. It also helps in maintaining the body temperature and when lay down, heat is dissipated, thus, keeping the body temperature standard.

The Natural form also prevents formation of fungus, mites and fungus and can easily be washed in any machine. However, you may need to keep the temperature as instructed.

Sofzsleep latex pillows in Singapore have been made with environment friendly materials which uses unique material and special technology which saves as much as 60 percent energy.

The Latex pillows are not only made with environment friendly material, they are perfect for use due to the adaptability feature and restoration capability. So next time when you plan to buy a new pillow, try Latex for comfortable sleep.