Why are Good Mattresses Important for Kids?

Kids and babies spend most of their day either sleeping or playing. When small the role of mattress in every child life is essential as they stay on it for a full day. When you go to the market for buying a mattress for your kid, you need to consider the comfort and softness of the mattress in mind. Parents prefer organic made mattress for kids because those are environment friendly, give a cooling effect and come in a wide range. The article in hand helps you exploring the possibility of finding the best option for your child.

Why need a different mattress for every child?

Have you ever wondered why go for a separate mattress for your child? Let’s read these:

  • Since kids grow fast and every day they need some space to accommodate their physical environment. So they need eco-friendly, soft and cushion mattress to explore the world around them
  • Since they sleep a lot and with low quality and bad mattress, kids are not able to sleep properly which means lower immunity and poor health condition. In case they do not get sufficient and required sleep, kids become cranky and their health deteriorates.
  • The right mattress also ensures a regular and organized sleeping pattern among kids. They sleep at the right time and fulfil their basic sleep need.
  • This is yet important for inculcating the habit of sleeping alone. Kids find it hard to leave their parents bed and sleep on their independent bed, thus this could be one mean to introduce kids to their separate rooms.

Kids requirements vary according to their ages:

Kids of different age groups have different requirements for mattresses, each fulfilling their specific needs. For instance, kids of three years and below need to sleep comfortably because they spend their day exploring their world around them. Thus, a mattress with less firmness is best suited for such kids. The skin of such babies is also very soft and sensitive and they need a hypoallergenic material mattress.

After 4 years the bones of children grow rapidly and they need a mattress with firm material because the firm structure supports the backbone and helps in the development of the body parts. When a child reaches 7, the time of sleep reduces to some extent. Also, children of such age do not sleep for hours, rather they normally have disturbed sleep pattern. Thus, getting the right mattress is very essential.

Asking Recommendations of Medical Practitioners:

If you ask for the recommendations of any medical practitioner, then the doctor suggests buying a memory form mattress for children. These types are recommended choices for children because they can adapt to the body shape of children and provide adequate support to the lumbar and spine of kids. It is also believed that such mattresses avoid any injury to the bones, so no chances of getting musculoskeletal. Also, the memory form mattresses are eco-friendly and easily washable. Also, these are very durable and you have no hassle of changing the mattress now and then.

Every child is different, so is their requirement of sleep, comfort and mattress. It also depends upon the preference of you as a parent as to which type you like to buy for your child.