Why Choose Natural Latex mattresses?

Why are natural latex mattresses preferably and the recommended choice for many households in Singapore? This question has made me study latex mattresses and here are some convincing arguments.

First, the market is full of mattress sellers who claim to sell 100 per cent latex mattress made with natural and organic material. You need to be careful and examine the mattress before making the final purchase.

So here are the benefits of latex natural mattress which convinced me to buy one for myself as well:

  1. The mattress is best used in a tropical climate:The mattress allows free and open-air circulation, thus is best to be used during the tropical climate. This cooling feature and breathability of the mattress is liked by many Singaporeans due to its open cell structure. It not only releases the heat of the body when sleep, but it also keeps body odour at bay. Even during the summer season, you never wake up in sweating condition, rather you enjoy every bit of your sleep.
  2. The pressure points are easily be relieved: Many people still like the memory form due to its pressure-relieving feature. The Latex mattresses are not less than in this regard. You just need to try one and you will be amazed at its hugging and contouring features. People like me who look for supportive and firm mattresses would love to have this type. If you
  3. Eco-friendly and Allergic free type: If you are allergic to dust, termite and fungus, then this latex natural is the perfect choice for me. It has helped me in gaining the senses after I changed my old mattress which caused severe dust allergy to me. I replaced the mattress with this latex type because it has been taken from the tree extracts. The product is so durable that it can stay with you for a decade or more. Thus, you won’t have any hassle of changing the mattress when moving out or planning to change the bed.

What I didn’t like about the Latex mattresses?

There are certain features of the mattress that I found hard to manage like:

  1. The weight of the mattress is too much because it is made up of tree extracts and natural products. The offer which many brands make is a bed in a box which means easy management and rolling of the mattresses rather compressed look.
  2. Then comes the price of the mattresses. I knew that it is a one-time investment that I am going to make so I convinced myself. Otherwise, it can prove to be heavy and hard on your pocket.

Choose good and choose latex natural type because this is the type which is:

  1. Hybrid mattress made with cooling gel and pocket spring mattress
  2. It is 10 inches thick mattress which offer cooling effect
  3. you have the liberty to check the mattress for 120 days, with no charge and free trial time
  4. The mattress cause no sleep disturbance, and you can have a comfortable sleep
  5. Back and shoulder muscles are relieved by the use of the mattress

Since I am talking from my personal experience, so can you experience the same. Go for the naturally made latex mattress easily available in Singapore and decide for yourself.