Different uses of Hyaluronic acid

Your cosmetic table surely consists of beauty serums and lip balms. Chances are one of the ingredients in them is hyaluronic acid. Even eye drops, capsules/medicines for joint support contain this acid. Hyaluronic acid is mostly incorporated into pricey anti-aging creams or lotions to defer skin’s aging and improve overall texture. So, what exactly is hyaluronic acid and what are its core uses or benefits?

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring compound in human body. To be specific, it is a lubricant of clear appearance found in maximum quantity in the skin, joints, within eye sockets and other body tissues. As mentioned, this acid is mainly used in the field of cosmetics and health care industry.

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What are some of its benefits or uses?

Skin kisser
Your skin loves it and stores in abundance. Hyaluronic acid containing serums, when applied help to hydrate dry and aged skin. The acid helps to reduce the water loss from the skin thereby improving appearance of chronoaged skin, i.e. skin aged due to prolonged sun exposure. Such products, when applied over the skin, helps to retain water thereby making skin feel dewier, and texture smooth. You can even opt for external fillers like hyaluronic acid filler as recommended by dermatologist to help fight skin problems.

Wrinkles warrior
Anti-wrinkle creams/serums and eye creams with hyaluronic acid as main constituent triggers its benefit as short as within two to four weeks of usage. To fight lip and eye sagginess on a fast-track, dermatologists suggest use of injections or formulas containing hyaluronic acid.

Happy to help your sores, sunburns and wounds
That’s correct! Hyaluronic acid is beneficial in treating cold sores and mouth sores, ulcers, wounds and sunburn. Next time you pick up a cold sore treatment for mouth and lip, make sure to read that this acid is resting inside. It fastens healing process, and prevents any cracks or bleeding. One quick trivia – hyaluronic acid along with collagen gives shape and structure to your lips.

Acid for joints?
Surprisingly, hyaluronic acid is present in every bone, connecting tissue, JOINT, tendon and cartilage structure. Phew…that was a lot of biology in one sentence! It buffers bone and reduce the wear and tear by providing the necessary resistance. This way, it lowers the pain and tenderness associated to joints. If you are someone suffering from osteoarthritis, then hyaluronic acid constitutes main substance in supplements you take. Knee and elbow joints are the prime joints treated with the help of this acid.

Love for the eyes
This acid regulates your eyes too! Acid and eyes? The fluid inside our eye socket is made almost of hyaluronic acid. If you suffer from dry eyes, eye drops with the acid as main ingredient helps to overcome. Even eye injuries and disorders like cataract are treated with lubricating hyaluronic acid formulas before or after surgery.

In short, Hyaluronic acid is nothing but a long link of carbohydrate molecules having high capacity to retain water, which helps in fluid movement and reduce pressure on joints and bones.