Is a low carb diet essential to lose weight?

A low carb diet is often taken to be the ideal solution for many trying to lose weight. This diet means that you are eating tasty things but still losing weight, and is a bonus point for many people. When cutting carbohydrates, this lowers the insulin level, and this is a signal for the body to store fat and helps in setting a weight point. It has been also known to provide many health benefits.

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However, in spite of all this, there are points against going on a low carb diet. Many people advise against it because it is not practically feasible and cutting out carbohydrate can result in a loss of energy. Following this sort of a diet also builds up Ketones which can lead to Ketosis and dieters may suffer from fatigue or weakness. But as long as the carbohydrate group is not eliminated altogether from the diet a low carb diet often does wonders for weight watchers. However for it to work you must follow it properly. Many dieters complain that in spite of following a strict diet they are not losing weight.

In such cases, one or more factors may be responsible for keeping it from being fully effective.

You should know some important things that are counterproductive while following a low carb diet:

Sneak Attack of Carbs : It may so happen that after a point carbohydrates may be sneaking back into your diet plan. Small treat adds up into big woes. Generally, the advised quantity is 50gm a day but some people may be more carb sensitive or insulin resistant than others.

Too Much Fruit: Fruits and berries come with their own share of calories. We think that eating plenty of fruit is good in a diet but be sure to count the calories before eating fruits indiscriminately.

Too Many Nuts: The same principle follows, eating too many nuts too often can result in weight gain. Monitor the nuts you are consuming. Cashews have almost 20% carbohydrate so choose your nuts wisely and try to buy nuts in shells because it takes longer to eat them.

Too Much Dairy: When lowering carbohydrate intake many people to overboard with dairy products. They are a great source of protein and calcium but also contain some amount of carbohydrate so be wise while choosing your latte and shakes.

Stress and Lack of Sleep: Stress and lack of sleep affect the function of the body and the hormone levels. Make sure you are well rested because only then your diet will get you maximum benefits.

The greatest trick to lose weight is to eat healthily and exercise regularly, there are no shortcuts or cheat methods. Therefore so many people willing to freeze the fat in Singapore are choosing a healthy low carb diet than a drastic one.