How can you get the right wallpaper for your room

Choosing a wallpaper is an art form by itself. How can you get the right wallpaper for your room?

If you are looking at decorating your rooms with wallpaper, there are now thousands upon thousands of choices. Wallpaper can be purchased in brick and mortar stores or online. This choice and availability can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. With so many options to choose from just where do you actually start? Choosing a wallpaper can also create a lot of stress. What if you hate how it looks in your living room after the installation? What if it peels off easily? What if it makes the room small and crowded? These are just some of the questions that can make choosing a wallpaper difficult. With so much at stake, getting it right seems like an art form by itself but it is an art that can be learned. When it comes to installing wallpaper, you always have to begin with the end in mind.

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Simona Ganea of writes about the steps you need to take before decorating your rooms with wallpaper.

You need to know what you want.

Decide what exactly you are trying to accomplish with this project. Wallpaper can be sued to create depth, to make a room look more spacious, to add drama or simplicity or to simply add color to a space. Read more here!

Interior designers can give you tips and design ideas but you are still the boss. You are also the person who knows the rooms in your house best. If you want the living room to look brighter while the kitchen should be more spacious, you need to consider these factors when choosing your wallpaper. Each wallpaper depending on its color, pattern, and material will have a different effect in rooms. For example, if you are going for an atmosphere of quiet in your bedroom using bold patterns and bright colors will not be right. Additionally, when choosing a wallpaper, you also need to look far ahead. In Newhomesource, Ann Connery explains factors that you need to consider that happen way after the initial installation.

You need to think of the future.

If the answer is anything less than every two or three years, you might want to opt for the new removable varieties that look exactly like the real thing. One of the most recent trends in wallpaper, these draw people who don’t want to commit to just one look forever because they easily peel off the wall, leaving nary a mark. Read more here!

Installing wallpapers is like getting tattoos; you’re in it for the long run. Just like tattoos, you can have it removed but it usually will be a waste of your time and money. When choosing wallpapers, think of the long term. For example, you shouldn’t choose a wallpaper that requires a lot of upkeep if you’re too busy for home renovations. If you have kids and you don’t have time to clean, choose a wallpaper that will hide any crayon marks. Another important thing that you need to remember is that wallpapers are made from various materials. The House Beautiful Team has written an article that advices readers on why they need to remember how the wallpaper itself is made.

One trick to choosing the wallpaper is to closely examine what it’s made of.

There’s a wide choice of paper ranging from flock, an expensive style with a velvety pattern, to foil papers that have reflective patterns and are great for brightening up dark spaces. For bathrooms and kitchens, it’s best to use washable vinyl as it’ll be more moisture-resistant. Read more here!

Don’t just depend on the appearance of the wallpaper. This is an important tip especially if you are shopping for wallpapers online. You need to know what the wallpaper is made of. Some wallpapers have reflective patterns that work best in dark spaces that you want to brighten. If you used that wallpaper for your bedroom where you intended to be cool and quiet, you’ll quickly find out that it wouldn’t work. So, always investigate further. If you’re shopping online, read the description of the product carefully. If purchasing from a brick and mortar store, ask the sales representatives to tell you more about the wallpaper. These extra steps will go a long way in ensuring you’re getting what you need.

To conclude, you’re the person who knows best about the rooms in your house. Make sure to take into consideration the uniqueness of each room. Upkeep and maintenance should also be considered when you’re thinking of getting a wallpaper. You don’t want to finish installing only to find out it won’t last or it will require a lot of resources that you don’t have. Also, always investigate the material of the wallpaper carefully. You want a wallpaper with the right material so that it achieves your intended effect. When all these are done, you’ll nail choosing the wallpaper for your rooms.