How Should I Choose the Best Mattress for My Child?

Sleep is essential for all people of all ages. For children, 8-12 hours’ sleep is mandatory, which changes as he/she grows older. A child after spending long tiring day always look for comfortable, place to sleep. Thus, choice of mattress should be such that it provides relief to your kids, so it needs to provide comfort to their backs, legs and other body parts.

So, if you are planning to choose a mattress for kids, then you need to look out for the following factors:

Go for brand you trust

First look for the brand which you trust, and which has market value as well. It would be better to see their reviews on the official web pages to check what people has to say about them. Reputation matters a lot to see what people has to say about the seller. You can also talk to people who have kids and are using mattresses for their kids.

Money matters: what is your budget?

The biggest question which one needs to keep in mind is the budget allocation for buying a good mattress. This will help you in making/keeping quick decision about choosing the right mattresses. Even budget on hand also allows you to select the brand which falls within your allocated budget.

Selecting mattress size: height, length and width

The size and length of the mattress depends upon the length and height of your child. If your child is in a growing age, then better go for longer mattresses with better quality so to enhance its life and usability. Also, if the child has a habit of keeping toys along, then the size of the mattress also needs to be longer. Another thing to be considered is the size of the room as well. You need to see the placement of the bed in the room along with other things, like study table, toy corner and other things. The mattress should not be that it makes the room congested and shouldn’t be that short to not accommodate your child.

Choose a suitable mattress type

After you have evaluated the size and quality of the mattress, next step is to see which type of mattress suits the requirements of your child. There are number of mattresses available in the market each with specific specifications, thus each has been designed to keep in mind the customized requirements of all types of clients.

There are three main types of mattresses available in the market, which are

  1. Spring mattresses
  2. Non-spring mattresses (which further includes latex and memory foam)
  3. Hybrid type of mattress

Putting the mattress to the test

Another good tip is the testing of the mattress by your child. Since your kid knows his comfort level and can very share with you his likes and dislikes, then it is not a bad option taking your child along when choosing a mattress. You can provide them with number of options to choose from. They can be asked to sit, feel and even lay down to check the support that mattress provide to their back.

If you tend to be particular, then it is good to consult some trained person on this regard. One who is knowledgeable of what is available in the market and which type suits your child as they grow older, lifestyle and comfort level.