Supportive and Comfortable Mattress Types for Children

Children require more hours of sleep than adults as their little bodies are developing so having a good night’s sleep is so much more important. It affects their health, social development and creativity to a profound amount that might otherwise have negligible impact on an adult. A mattress is where children spend most of their precious time on and it needs to be a certain way so as not to hinder their developing bodies but to support and give comfort to. The routine patterns of children in Singapore require them to be all-rounder’s, and to back that up they need a resting schedule. A factor that is most fundamental to having a good night’s rest is having a comfortable children mattress.

Mattresses come in a variety of sizes and types but it fundamental to get one that supports the need of the child. Another important aspect of choosing the right mattress is to look for one that is equipped with the right materials as well. This article will investigate details of which materials are available in different mattresses and how to choose one that fits a child’s needs.

Memory foam mattress

These types of mattress mold around the contours of the body, thereby, giving support to each curve. This has a visco-elastic technology which means that while being firm it also retains its shape. Also another impressive quality that these mattresses possess is that they do not warm up with rise in body temperatures but have a cooling effect as well. These types of mattresses are very popular nowadays however, with toddlers or infants they might not be the best choice as they have an effect of smothering the body which may not suit these younger children.

Foam mattress

Cheaper than a regular memory foam mattress and made from ordinary foam these mattresses do not support the body as much and also do not restrict motion transfer. They may suit smaller children because they do not have an effect of smothering.

Innerspring mattress

These mattresses also offer a better contour around the body and are more durable than other types. Made from open coils or pocketed coils, these mattresses fit a child very well while also considering the amount of mess a child puts their mattress into. These have been a favorite of parents so far because of their low cost and durability.

Latex mattress

Made of more natural materials than a memory foam mattress and has greater durability than a regular spring mattress, this type has also been very popular with the parents. However, a downside that these mattresses possess is the fact that they can be very heavy. In addition to this, they do not come cheap. Latex is a more expensive and long-lasting material for bed-making.

Apart from these types and varieties, parents should invest more in the ones that are made with more natural materials. Studies have shown that more children suffer from allergies than ever before because of the continual breathing of toxins that they absorb from their vulnerable surroundings.